Welcome to The Brooklyn Lyceum

(aka Public Bath #7)

courtesy of Raymond Francis Almirall


Brooklyn Lyceum
227 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11215
R train to Union Street.
Corner of President Street.


co-work, music, theater, dance and more where the swamp meets the slope.

so many things, so much history, so much more to come in the Raymond Francis Almirall gorgeous relic.
an old bathhouse turned gym, theater, market

micro-commercial kitchen and bakery.

Lyceum Help?

We are looking for people to fill a combination of the following roles:

  • Co-work
  • Micro-Bakery/Market
  • Marketing/programming
  • Tech (sound/light)
  • Maintenance


Email us: info@brooklynlyceum.com
Please attach resume.

Contact US

Buster Keaton FIlms


Lyceum Membership....

Purchase Lyceum memberships and co-work passes

HERE: brooklynlyceum.wazala.com

Simple rental rates

Book a large Lyceum space

--Two spaces can seat up to and sometimes more than 200 people
Mondays through Thursdays 
--$100 per hour 6 PM-10 PM,

--$200 per hour 10 PM-later

Comedy. Music. Film Screening. Lectures. Classes. Simple Theater & Dance!

Weekend rates? Contact us at info@brooklynlyceum.com

Kids' birthday parties

Have your child's birthday party at the Lyceum

Sat./Sun. afternoons
$100 per hour (up to 50 people)
$150 per hour (more than 50 people)

Paying it forward

Looking for a discount on rentals?

One option is to pay it forward, with marketing...

For every hour of distributing posters and postcards (or whatever marketing need we have) we will discount the rental by $15.

Different rates for things like electricians, plumbers, lawyers, indian chiefs, etc.

So if you have more time than money on your hands or you have a skill that can help your group or a group you want to support... email us HERE.


The Lyceum is often host to these activities:

Birthday parties
Roller skating
Film festivals
Batting cage
Music events
Theater productions
Dance productions
Film shoots

Email us here for rates*: info@brooklynlyceum.com

*=let us know dates, days of week, times of day, type of event, expected turnout and what you need from us.


Wizard of Oz:TBA

--Tickets HERE

Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Oct 18-26, 2014

--Tickets HERE

SwampCon: King Con Brooklyn: Nov. 1-2, 2014
--Application HERE

Lyceum Holiday Marketplace: Dec. 13-14, 20-21, 2014
--Application HERE

Charlie Brown Christmas: Dec. 11-21, 2014
--Tickets HERE

A Christmas Carol: Dec 11-21, 2014
--Tickets HERE